TS Aero (2D Airfoil)

This portion of the User Guide describes how to set up 2D airfoil cases in the TS Aero Application. It explains the requirements for a well defined airfoil, describes the inputs, and explains the results.

Pay special attention to the way the airfoil should be defined prior to uploading the geometry into the application. The results are only as good as the attention payed to the input airfoil. If the input airfoil is poorly defined, then the results will not accurately represent what was intended and may have problems in the solve.

Table of Contents

  • Geometry Requirements
  • Creating Airfoil Parts
  • Airfoil Geometry Notation

  • Creating a Parametric Sweep
  • Creating a Single Run
  • Creating an iRet Run

  • How to pay for runs?
  • Submitting Runs
  • Duplicating Runs
  • Use Simulation in New Simulation