Submitting Runs


After checking your geometry and checking your Simulation settings, you are now ready to Submit.

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How to Pay for Runs

Tokens will be used as payment for TotalSim Web. Each token will have a retail value of $20.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to adjust without notice the retail value of each tokens and also the tokens needed to run for each App.

Please email us if your company requires a Quote.

Purchasing Tokens

  • Click on New Run
  • Under Pricing, click on Account Page
  • Click on Manage Cards to add/remove Credit Cards
  • Click Confirm after adding Credit Card Information
  • Enter Quantity and click on Checkout


The TSAero-2D Airfoil cost per run is 5 tokens.

Multiple runs with the same airfoil will be discounted. The base cost for runs with the unique-geometry is 5 tokens and additional runs with the same geometry costs 1 token. You are able to receive this discount by running a Parametric Sweep.

The price of the Airfoil Tool may be adjusted upon further testing.

Submitting Run

  • After a run or sweep is set up a quote for the run(s) is given at the top of the page under Pricing. Check to see if your team has enough tokens prior to submission of the run(s).
  • If there are set up errors, then a list of errors will printed in red below the Save, Submit, Delete, Show 3d view, Duplicate, and Use Solution buttons. These errors will need to be addressed before the run can be submitted. (Image 1 shows these buttons). If there were errors, there would be a notification in red just below the buttons. This example shows a submitted case so the Save and Submit buttons are inactive.)
  • If there are no errors, click on blue Submit button. Parametric Sweep allows you to Submit All. (Submit All only if you are confident that the case is going to run - it is recommended initially that only the first AOA be run to check to make sure there are no problems with the case. Otherwise you can use a lot of tokens on a sweep that doesn't give results.)
  • You have the ability to kill the job after submitting, but prior to run publishing. However, you will still be charged for the full run. To kill job, click on Delete.

Image 1: Submit options

Duplicate Runs

This can only be done for stand alone runs not for sweep runs. For sweep runs, you would add a run by editing the sweep as described on the Creating Runs page - insert additional points in a sweep .

Before the Run is submitted

If you want to make one small change or want to run the same simulation with different geometry, you can duplicate the run without having to re-setup the simulation. This will always cause a new mesh to be created which costs more tokens than running from and existing solution. If you have a new geometry, a new mesh must be created.

  • Click on the Run you want to duplicate
  • At bottom, click Duplicate (Image 1)
  • It will automatically rename the run as parentRun.1, but you are able to change the name of the new Run.
  • Make your intended changes
  • Click Save
  • Click on Submit

Duplicating Run after Run Completion

You also have the ability to duplicate a run/case after a run has completed.

  • Click on Run that you want to duplicate
  • Click on Details on the results navigation bar. This will show a summary of your Run Setup. (Image 2)
  • At the bottom, click Duplicate
  • Make your intended changes
  • Click Save
  • Click on Submit

Use Solution in New Simulation

This alson can only be done for stand alone runs not for sweep runs. And while this button is available it is also possible to use a solution in a new simulation by creating a new run or parametric sweep and selecting the iRet recipe

This option can be used if you have a koSST case that you want to run a single iReT case from.

  • Select Use Simulation in a New Solution
  • Select Airfoil-0.0.1-iret when it pops up.
  • The new run will open with all the fields duplicated from the previous case and you can save and submit the new iRet run.

Image 2: Finding the Duplicate option