Downloading Results

Downloading Force Summary, Images, and Movies

Users are able to download the post-processing material that is displayed on the web app. This is done from the Results page for each individual run and must be done on a run by run basis.

Download Force Summary

  • In the Summary tab, click on Download Excel
  • You can also download force integrals by clicking the Force Integrals button. This will integrate the forces along the vehicle.

Download Images

  • In the Images tab, click on Download Zip Images. This will download a zip folder containing all of the images that are shown on the web app.

Download Movies

  • Movies are not made for the 2D Airfoil.

Download Curves

  • In the Curves tab, select a curve and click Download csv. This will download a .csv file of the curve. If you download the Moment Coefficient history from the Curves page, the moment is located at (0,0) rather than the quarter chord as reported on the summary page.