Creating Runs

Once geometries have been created/uploaded for a Project, a Run can be created. Runs are created from imported/created parts and a Recipe. Runs, once created, can be accessed from the Navigation Menu on the left. You will have the ability to setup individual runs or Parametric Sweep runs. Parametric Sweep runs allows you to setup multiple runs and more information regarding inputs and setup can be found here.

Creating a Run

  • Click the New Run item in the Navigation Menu on the left side of the interface.

  • Select an appropriate Recipe using the Select Recipe Menu.

  • Enter the input data required by the Recipe.

  • Additional information regarding inputs for each Tool can be found here:

    • Free Flight/FlyerXL

      • Please use FreeFlight-v0.0.1 if max dimensions of any parts is under 30 m and use FlyXL-v0.0.1 if max dimensions of any parts is greater than or equal to 30 m.

    • VTOL

  • Select the Parts or Assemblies to attach to this simulation.

  • If more data is required (such as Geometry Fields for an Assembly), enter it before saving.

  • Click the Save button. You will not be able to save is there is a simulation error. If this is the case, check through the simulation settings for red error messages below the entries and correct the problem entry.