Free Flight/FlyerXL

Run Setup

  • Input the Altitude [m]. The pressure, density, etc values are automatically populated to correspond to the altitude input.

  • OPTIONAL: Input Temperature Offset [K]. This will adjust the Standard Temperature at the Altitude and recalculate the Kinematic Viscosity and Density. This adjustment is usually used to match wind tunnel or other conditions.

  • Enter Angle of Attack [deg].

  • Enter Yaw [deg]. Yaw input is the yaw of the incoming freestream velocity. For positive yaw the freestream is coming from the aircraft's right side, and negative yaw is coming from the aircraft's left side.

  • Enter Velocity [m/s].

  • Input the Reference Moment Center. The reference moment center is used for the cumulative moment forces being reported of the aircraft.

  • Select the parts.

  • Fill out any simulation-specific fields corresponding to the selected parts.

  • Click Save.