Using 3D Viewer


It is recommended to check the geometry in the 3D Viewer before submitting runs. Make sure all of your geometries and assemblies that you intend to run are present. If you don't see one of your geometries in the 3D Viewer, then it will not be present in the run.

It is recommended to use the 3D viewer in Chrome browser. The 3D Viewer may not work properly in Internet Explorer.

Accessing 3D Viewer

  • On the bottom of the of the Run Page, click on Show 3D view. (Make sure, you've already saved run setup.)
  • A new tab will open next to the Run tab at the top of the page.
  • The 3D Viewer opens and shows the geometry that you intend to run. You can show/hide each part by clicking on the eye next to the part name.
  • You can rotate the geometry by holding down the left mouse button and moving your mouse. By double-clicking a point on the geometry will make it the center of rotation. You can zoom in and out by holding down the right mouse button and moving your mouse up and down.
  • You can view the geometry about the X, Y, and Z axes by clicking on the respective axes on the top navigation bar.
  • The Show All function shows all of the geometry and fits it in the 3D viewer screen. (This is the button with the crossed arrows icon.)
  • In View Mode, you can choose between Perspective and Orthographic views.
  • By clicking on the Orientation Axis, the X, Y, Z axis will be toggled on and off in the bottom right corner.
  • The Show Center Axis function will indicate where the center of the vehicle is located and can be toggled on or off using this button.