VTOL Run Setup


  • Entering a Geopotential Altitude (m) will use the Standard Temperature (K) and Pressure (Pa) at that altitude to calculate the Kinematic Viscosity (NS/m^2) and Density (kg/m^3).
  • OPTIONAL: Enter Temperature Offset (K) for a non-standard day. This will adjust the Standard Temperature at the Altitude and recalculate the Kinematic Viscosity and Density.

Vehicle Settings

  • Ground Clearance is the distance between the ground and the Moment Reference Center. The ground clearance input is capped at 12 m. because ground effects would not be simulated at any larger clearance.
  • Pitch and Roll inputs are relative to the ground.
  • Yaw input is the yaw of the incoming freestream velocity. For positive yaw the freestream is coming from the vehicle's right side, and negative yaw is coming from the vehicle's left side.
  • Forward velocity is the velocity of the incoming freestream velocity. For Hover Conditions, enter 0.01 m/s.
  • Reference Moment Center is the point where the moment calculations will be based off of. This point should be the Center of Gravity of the vehicle. This does not need to be adjusted for ground clearance. For example, if your ground clearance is 4 m and your Moment Center is (0 0 0), you would still enter (0 0 0) for your Reference Moment Center.
  • Reference Span Length and Reference Width will be used to calculate the Roll, Pitch, and Yaw Moments.