Accessing TS Results


  • If TotalSim is running the CFD simulations, you do not have to worry about publishing. TotalSim will upload results to TS Results once the run is completed.
  • Once your run is completed, publish the run to TS Results by using the following command in the Cases Directory:
publish_command --program_name [Program Name] --project_name [Project Name] [RUNXXX]

The publish_command will be provided to you by TotalSim Software Developers. Multiple runs can be published at once by listing all of the [RUNXXX] after the [Project Name].

Logging into TS Results

You would be able to access TS Results through 2 different methods.

  1. Login at with your OSC username and password. On your dashboard, click on TS-Results-Manager-v0.0.XX.
  2. Login through your local server (if TS Results is locally installed)

Once you're logged into TS Results, you would be directed to the Program page. Each vehicle should be a separate program.

Once you select the program, you will be directed to the Project page for that program. All projects for that vehicle will be on this page.