Creating Programs and Projects

Creating Programs

A program is typically created for organizing the analysis of a new vehicle, product, or process.

  • Select the App that you want to use.

  • Click the Create Program (Image 1) button.

  • Select the LegacyAutomotive Tool using the drop-down menu. The Tool sets the options available in the App. (Image 2)

  • Enter a name for the Program. (Image 3)

  • Click the Save button

Image 1: Create Program
Image 2: Select the LegacyAutomotive "Tool"
Image 3: Program Name
Image 4: Created Programs


Once the first Program is created, it can be selected to create a Project.

Note: You can create multiple Programs as needed. Any Program can by deleted by clicking the Red box with the 'X'. (This will remove all data for all the projects created within the Program so be sure you want to remove this before doing so.)

Projects are a subset off of the Programs. Click on the desired Program name - in this case the "Automotive Demo" program. (Image 4)

Creating Projects

  1. Click the New Project Button. The popup box , Image 6, appears.

  2. Enter a name and description for the Project. Note: Name can not begin with numbers or special characters.

  3. Select the STANDARD_INTERFACE for the "Run Type". using the drop-down menu. The Run Type sets the options available in the App. (Image 6)

  4. Click the Save button.

After you Save the New Project then it is accessible. (Image 7)

Image 5: Blank Project Page
Image 6: Create a new Project
Image 7: Project Page